• I have no idea what it says.
  • It's... I'm 99% sure it's Chinese characters.
  • The caravel looked to be a Chinese-origin ship. Does that mean... someone survived that wreck? Someone made it to this peak?
  • How did we never hear about a Chinese ship being scuttled on this moon -- ESPECIALLY if there was a survivor?
  • Could their National Space Administration really have covered this up? And WHY? What...
  • ... what went wrong?
  • I don't know that there's much for me to do other than keep walking around this thing.
  • I forgot to pack my Chinese-to-English dictionary. You never have one when you really need it.
  • Okay. Back to exploring.

[Taylor is busy]

  • WHOA! What the hell?!
  • I was walking the perimeter, with my little makeshift compass in hand, watching it slowly move along with me, like it should...
  • ... when all of a sudden it starts jolting backward and forward, spinning like a kid at a dance party on really good drugs.
  • And then, the whole peak just... shimmered green, and disappeared for a second.
  • I didn't blink. I didn't look away. I reached my hand into the space where it used to be, and there was just... nothing. Air.
  • And then I yanked my hand back, quick, because it started to reappear.
  • And now my compass is working fine again.

Options Edit

That's insane.

Must've been an illusion.

Previous Options Edit

Writing? Seriously?

What does it say?

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