Right. Of course. There's no way I'd let the Captain die now. Not after everything she's been though already
Maybe in the daylight tomorrow. I'll be able to figure out some way to get the beacon working.
Some part of me thinks they picked the wrong science student for this trip. Or that I picked the wrong trip
Either way. This has gotta be worth some bonus points on my final grade.
Tau Ceti (the moon) is down now, and now I don't mind telling you. It's darker than a goth kid's journal, and colder than the prom queen's shoulder
So, uh, here are my options, as i see 'em
I can stay here in the wreckage -- although without power to the ship. I can't reseal any door I've opened.
So I'll have a roof over my head, sure, but I'll be exposed to the elements.
Or, I can head around to the rear of the ship and pitch a tent near the reactor engine...
...which is nice and toasty - - I can tell from the squiggly heat lines it's sending off into the night
(You like that science - speak? "Squiggly heat lines?" That's some advanced level terminology right there)
Only problem there is, there's radiation involved in that engine, and I'm not precisely sure whether it's not enough to roast me over night
So, would mind doing a little research for me?
If I get about 150 rads overnight, will that kill me? My IEVA suit sensor tells me that's about what it's giving off.
Can you look that up and let me know whether it'd toast my marshmallows? Thanks.
[ Taylor is busy ]
So. uh Hopefully you had a chance to look that u, because it's getting really, just stupidly cold here.
What's the verdict? Should I just layer up inder whatever cover I can find and spend a night shivering in the Varia?
Or risk radiation poisoning by cuddling up to a faulty fusion reactor?


A) Stay in the ship.

B) Camp out by the reactor

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