Okay, I hear you, but... I just can't you know?

Whatever I expected to find in here, this is above and beyond every possible guess I could have made.

Now -- having seen all these other ships on the map -- now, more than ever...

...I have to believe that this place is the reason that the Varia crashed on this moon.

The reason that the entire crew is dead.

And that Captain Aya is just barely clinging to life (I pray she still is).

These were good people. Some of the best I've ever known.

And if there's even a CHANCE that, somewhere in here, I can get an answer... WHY they had to die...

...then there's no way I can leave here without that answer.

I just can't.

Options Edit

Okay. I understand.

Got it. Keep at that map.

Previous Options Edit

Yes. Keep exploring.

No. Get out of there!

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