Sarcasm doesn't always translate well in print, but I'm gonna go ahead and assume you were being sarcastic.

Simply because I don't think it's possible to discuss the topic of "fish for breakfast in space" without heavy sarcasm.

[Taylor is busy]

Okay! Finished with breakfast (such as it was -- beggars can't be choosers, and all that).

The way I see it, today is all about reaching the peak.

I have to hope the my inability to get to it yesterday was just a combination of exhaustion and optical illusion.

With food in my belly and the full day ahead of me, I'm liking my odds a lot better today.

I also like knowing that this caravel -- and the little generator -- are waiting for me on my return trip to the Varia.

So. What do you think? Figure I can make it to the peak today?

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