There's no way I can sleep out under the stars -- as romantic as it sounds, the temperature drop is just going to be too severe.
Just like back at the Varia, there's clearly no power on the caravel to help me get the doors shut...
...but UNLIKE at the Varia, here, I think I have a solution to that.
The only opening to the outside is the iris door on the airlock, which is just barely big enough for me to shimmy through.
I wrenched my shoulder a little trying to squeeze through the door, so...that's fun.
And once I'm in, there's all sorts of junk littering the corridor -- junk I can use to seal over that opening in the door.
A few layers of Mylar blankets, maybe some bedding if I can turn any up from the cabins, and I ought to be able to insulate myself decently.
I've got 10 glow rods left, so I'm gonna go ahead and crack one to hunt through the rubbish in here.
Okay. I'm gonna scavenge a little bit.
I can go back down one of the hallways to the east or west, or else I can try the flight deck...
...even though I can tell from here that the control panels are smashed to bits.

Options Edit

Previous Options Edit

  • Keep going to the Varia.
  • Make Camp.

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