"Least Prepared"?"Least prepared"?"Looks like" what?
"Okay. So Where Are you now?""Was"? What happened?"Was?" What happened?
Are you all right?Are you hurt?Are you okay?
Are you sure?Back out of the canyon.Better get moving, then.
Break a leg.Build yourself a compass.Camp out by the reactor.
Can't override it?Can you override it?Can you override it? 1
Can you warn the ship?Captain AyaCheck out that screen.
Check out the alarm.Check out the flight deck.Check the crash.
Check the fight deck.Check the flight deck.Climb back up now.
Clockwise!Cope. Where are you now?Counter!
Describe "here."Describe where you are now.Describe your surroundings.
Dig now, explore later.Dig those graves.Do not get close.
Don't celebrate yet.Don't waste time on snacks.Easy, now. Just breathe.
Explore the computers.Explore the wiring.Explore the wreckage.
Find a way around.Find out what it was.Fine. Back to bed.
Follow those...things.Forget it for now.Forget it for now. (2)
Get out of there.Get some shut-eye.Get the hell out of there.
Give climbing a try.Go get some breakfast.Go through the door.
Good logic, all around.Good luck climbingGood luck climbing.
Got it. Keep at that map.Grab some breakfast.Head back to the Varia.
Head for the peak.Head straight across.Hold off for now.
Honor the dead.Hook up the alarm.How close are your visitors?
How do you not know?How is that possible?How many, total?
I'm sure. Head back.I agree. Get out now!I am so sorry!
I am so sorry.I highly doubt that.I prefer it with beans.
I read you.I was kidding!I was serious. Give up.
Incoming CommunicationIt'll be okay. Calm down.It's okay. I'm here.
It's stewed veggies, dummy.Just go to sleep.Just keep at it.
Just keep moving.Just keep pushing aheadKeep at it, just in case.
Keep exploring.Keep exploring in there.Keep fishing.
Keep going for the peak.Keep going to Varia.Keep going to the Varia.
Keep heading for the peak.Keep heading to the Varia-2Keep it together!
Keep moving. Faster.Keep moving ahead.Keep moving straight ahead.
Keep powering the pod.Keep studying the footage.Keep trying the door.
Keep working on the computers.Later. Meds come first.Lay it on me.
Lay it on me. (2)Leave it in.Leave the ginny there.
Lifeline: Silent NightLifeline scenarioLike normal spit, weirdo.
Look for a medkit.Look for the crew.Make Camp
Make Camp.Make her comfortable.Makes sense. Keep exploring.
Maybe check the ship.Might as well head backMmmm... tasty!
Mmmm...tasty!Move the Captain.Move the stasis pod.
Must be what happened.Never had the pleasure.No, but thanks anyway.
No, you should explore it.No. Chase down that noise.No. Get out of there!
No. Power the pod.No beans, ever.No worries. Wanna chat?
Nope. Turn back now.Now I want some coffee.Okay, head for the crash site.
Okay, that IS weird.Okay, turn back.Okay, turn back. (2)
Okay. Calm down.Okay. So where are you now?Only if you're sure.
Oooh. Smart kid.People food! Try the gallery.Pie
Please try for "good."Power the beacon.Pull it out!
Radiation sickness, maybeRadiation sickness, maybe?Raw data
Right. Back to sleep.Right. Head for the peak.Risk it; keep exploring.
Save your energy.Scout the perimeter.See what that noise is.
Sentry + Pod (captain)Seriously, go find it.Seriously, go find it. (2)
Sorry. Are you all right?Sorry. No time to chat.Sorry about the toe. Smartass.
Sounds disgusting.Sounds good!Sounds scary. Turn back.
Stay clear of it.Stay in the ship.Stay where you are.
Stay where you are. (2)Step back from there.Stick with rat food.
Sure, give it a shot.Sure, see what's what.Sure, take a pill.
Sure, you've earned it.Sure. All the time.Take a minute to process.
Take one now.Take the east hall.Take the ginny with you.
Take the west hall.Tau Ceti IVTaylor
Tell me!Tell me what you see!TemplateTest
Tend to the rats.Thanks for sharing that.That's insane.
The GreenThe Varia?Those creatures earlier?
Tough it out.Try one of the hallways.Try that corridor
Try the east hall.Try the gallery.Try the galley
Try the galley again.Try the lab.Try using a map.
Turn around and head backTurn back around.Turn back while you can.
Ugh. Thanks for sharing.VariaWait, tell me!
Wake it up.Walk the perimeter.Want to talk about Colby?
Was?" What happened?We got disconnected.What?!
What? What is it?What are the rats doing?What do you see?
What does it say?What happened?What happened? (2)
What happened? (3)What is it?What is it? (2)
What is it? (3)Where are you?Who are you?
Who is this?Whoa. Take it easy.Win scenario
Yes, go for it!Yes, keep going.You're sure they're yours?
You've earned a rest.You have to keep exploring.You need that beacon.
You need to back away.You should eat, too.Yup. Go for it.
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