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This is one of the win scenarios of Lifeline: Silent Night. This is set in left and right format (left option and right option), but similar for Apple Watch left side is the upper option and the right is the lower option.

This scenario runs as if you helped Taylor in the first Lifeline game and leads to Taylor having the tunguskite in their pack at the end of the game. The order of certain events may change, but the options are still the same.

left/upper option right/lower option
I don't think that was it.
Is this who I think it is?
Eh. Not that much.
No way. I'm tough.
Can the jokes; check the radar
Of course I do.
Tell me about the miners.
You also mentioned a "Bos."
Cool. Tell me about the others.
And then there's a doctor?
So that's everybody, right?
Cool, thanks.
Yeah, that's pretty freaky.
So... they're coming to you?
Yeah. Me too.
Think you can sleep?
What happened?
Are you alone?
Stay in the crew quarters.
Is your comm dead?
You okay?
You need to go find Donald.
Sounds like a plan.
Are you okay, Taylor?
Settle down. Stay calm.
Head to the med bay.
Look for some pain pills.
Just look for some.
Hell, grab an ice pack too.
Right. Wait there.
You should try to stay alert.
It just seems safer.
Uh... you should just nap.
Yes. I know it.
It's like symbiosis.
Get it away from him.
Grab the occupier, now.
Grab the alien.
Hit him with something.
Go for it!
Get back to the alien.
Is there a freezer, maybe?
Good thinking.
Sounds like a cool character.
I'll make fun of you.
No kidding.
Good plan!
See what else is on offer.
Sure, grab a pack.
Keep exploring the Ready Room.
If only I could.
Sure, go for it.
Help Mari with the nav system.
What's the payload?
Sounds dreamy.
What mineral?
You lost me.
Doesn't sound like fun.
Oh, I think I follow.
I wouldn't call it "sense."
Maybe you should grab some.
Leave without mentioning your plan.
Politely decline.
If you're cool with it.
Tell her not to worry.
Figure it out, dummy!
Don't press her for details.
That's very noble.
I believe in you.
Wanna try fixing the lights?
I wish I were, too
I don't drink.
Why? What's lit up?
Is it dangerous?
Go for it.
Nope. Right over my head.
Keep exploring the cargo bay.
Okay, go on and leave.
Should you run from them?
Forget it. Can you hide?
You sound convincing.
Sure, if you can keep up.
What ARE you looking at?
Don't interfere.
Keep your distance.
Get out of there!
Where are they taking him?
What are you talking about?
You gonna bake some cookies?
This doesn't sound safe.
Take precautions.
I've already forgotten.
Be patient and do it right.
Keep quiet.
What's next?
What's wrong?
Hang on, I remember it.
It's 927042.
Enough talk! RUN!
Of course you can!
That's a terrible plan.
Yeah, yeah. Keep moving.
Fine. Rest, you wuss.
Hole up as long as you need.
I believe in you.
Rah, rah.
Ha ha. "Fire" away. Hilarious.
If you were "VERY lucky."
That seems... unlikely.
You don't need fire?
You're a rock dork.
I don't get it.
Sorta like OUR relationship.
That's probably smart.
I'm a little bit lost.
And there's no other way?
She just realized...
You've done all you can.
I think she likes it!
Sorry about that.
You're a good friend.
Good luck, Taylor.
Open the marine shop door!
Head to their cockpit!
Set up a firewall.
Light another.
I don't want to say goodbye.
Tell me what?
You're talking like an idiot.

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