This is a terrible idea.
All I'm doing is putting one foot in front of the other, over and over. I'm not actually getting anywhere.
Just keep going. North. Or where I think north is.
This moon has stolen everything from me. Even the cardinal directions.
One foot. The other.
Over and over.
[Taylor is busy]
Hey, the star is setting soon. It's starset.
I'm all alone on the moon at starset.
I'm nowhere near the peak. Or the Varia. Or even the wreck of the carvel.
I'm out here under the stars. Which is beautiful...but also cold.
I don't have a reactor to cuddle up against tonight.
It's gonna get cold, and then colder, and then...
...there's a pretty good chance I'm going to die out here, under all these beautiful, beautiful stars.
Dammit. I'm not even hydrated enough to cry.
This misbegotten rock has even stolen my tears.
[Taylor is busy]
Um. Listen. I'm just... I just feel exhausted right now. I just want to lie down.
Maybe I'm being, you know, melodramatic. Maybe I'll be just fine out here.
Wake up refreshed, like I just took a brisk, cold, eight-hour shower.
But, uh... in case I don't...
...I just want to say thanks. For sticking with me, for being a voice in the darkness.
Because this is about as dark as it possibly could've gotten for me, so... I appreciate it.
It really is beautiful, out here under all these stars. Thousands, hundreds of thousands of them. I wish you could see this.
I'm... just gonna close my eyes for a little while.
[connection lost]

Taylor has die

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