Thanks. Unfortunately, I think I'm actually gonna need it.
This would... probably be easier if I wasn't talking to you. No offense, I just really ought to concentrate.
If you never hear from me again, it's because I pulled a "127 Hours" just like I was afraid of.
Not sure what that translates to in metric terms. Hopefully it sounds more impressive. "49.087 Megaminutes" or something.
Okay. Down I go. Talk to you soon. I hope.
[Taylor is busy]
I made it! A couple of minor mishaps along the way, but who doesn't love a little adrenaline rush from time to time?
My shoulder is screaming at me right now, though. I pushed myself harder than I intended to, and I'm paying for it.
In the absence of an ibuprofen, I'm actually sort of wishing for that Swiss Army knife.
Surely, just hacking off the arm and the foot would solve all my problems, right?

Options Edit

I highly doubt that.

Try chewing them off.

Previous options Edit

Good luck climbing.

Break a leg.

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