1. Yeah, I'm with you. I think that's the right call.
That whole boulder situation looked like a deathtrap waiting to spring.
'There's a gentle slope up the canyon wall, a few hundred yards back.
(No, I can't rattle that off in metric. A hecto-bunch? A picobuttload?)
I hate to lose time from doubling back...
...but it's preferable to the whole "breaking a leg 5,000 picobuttloads
from the nearest hospital" scenario.
Anyway. Off I go.
[Taylor is busy] (50 min)
So... I'm having one of those dilemmas that only people straned
on a moon can have. Bear with me here.
I'm standing at the lip of a huge crater. I mean, HUGE.
As in, like, if I weren't terrified of dying alone in deep space
at any given second, I'd take a moment to be really, really awed.
Problem is, this marvel of geography is smack-dab in the
middle of where I'm headed.
So... it's either a slog around the perimeter, making a big semicircle
in one direction or the other...
...or else I try my luck easing down the side and then cut straight across.
There's certainly something to be said for the shortest distance
between two points...
...but people don't usually factor giant craters into that equation.
What do you say?

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