Okay. Keep in mind that I know how crazy this sounds. Keep in mind
that I don't believe it, myself.
But it looks almost like... a person.
I mean, it's all shadows. It's almost impossible to make anything
out on this monitor screen, at this distance.
And the human mind has a tendency to spot human-like shapes in random
things. I just learned the word for it recently: "pareidolia."
Like when people see the Virgin Mary in water stains, or smiley faces
in car grilles and headlights.
I'm probably more prone to it than anyone right now, being the only
living person out here, desperately seeking the familiar.
So even though this looks like a person EVERY SINGLE TIME that I rewind
it, I know that, of course, it ISN'T a person.
Deep breaths. Not freaking out.

Options Edit

Go get some breakfast.

Keep studying the footage.

Previous Options Edit

"Looks like" what?

Yeah, you probably are.

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